Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Ok, so they aren't really cartoons but every Saturday morning at 8 am I turn my tv to BBC America so that I can watch 'How Clean Is Your House' and 'You Are What You Eat'. I just love both of these shows.


I can't believe the houses Kim & Aggie visit on 'How Clean Is Your House'. I get so grossed out by the houses that they clean but I can't help it, I have to watch. I learn some great tips from them and I am also encouraged because 1. My house, at its dirtiest is NEVER anything like the houses they visit, 2. I am inspired to get up and clean because I do not EVER want my house to end up like the ones they visit. I bought their 'How Clean Is Your House' book a couple of years ago and I really enjoy it. It is full of great tips! I just love Kim & Aggie. They are such funny ladies.


'You Are What You Eat' is my weekly reminder to try my best to eat healthy and to try and do at least some type of exercise. I am always surprised at the food that the people on the show consume in a week. It is do disgusting. Gillian McKeith always has me laughing. She can be pretty mean but she always manages to get her point across and she has changed a lot of people lives by getting them on the right path when it comes to their food choices. I know I have been encouraged by her and each time I eat candy I have the vision of her in an apron with a glass of sugar in one hand and the candy in the other to show me exactly what it is that I am putting into my body. Hehe. A lot of the recipes on the show actually look pretty good to me so I would like to check out her 'You are What You Eat Cookbook' sometime.

So, if you are looking for some entertainment on a Saturday morning while you drink your coffee or morning tea watch these shows on BBC America with me! ;)

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Rachel said...

I absolutely LOVE BBC shows on Saturday mornings Melissa! My favorite one used to be the Life Laundry, and I wish it was still on.