Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today I went to Mervyns to get baby D some new kicks. While I was there I heard an announcement, "head on over to the counter next to the jewelry for some limited time freebies!!" Of course since I love freebies I was right there, hehe. (What a nerd.) So the lady gets started and has all of us there (about 20 or so...I was right in the front, hahaha) gather around her demo table and informs us that we will get these little items for free and anyone who gets one can use it at the end to get more freebies...blah blah blah. So lucky for me I answered some random question correctly so I got two of the freebies:


I was thinking "sweet maybe I will get two of the 'other' freebies at the end" - hehe.

So she went through her whole demo telling us that the samples we received can be used for so many things...I think she mentioned cleaning sunglasses, wiping down your car interior and stuff like that. Then she whips out the normal size of the cloth and goes to town demo-ing. (Is that a word?)

I have to admit that I was pretty impressed with what she did. You can dry cars, clean spills in the carpet, dry your hair/body, clean...etc with it. She did the carpet demo and I was like "WHOA!" She took a piece of carpet and spilled diet coke all over it til it was drenched. Then all she did was lay the cloth over the top of it for a minute or so and then rung it out in a pie dish and almost all of the coke rung out of it! Then she layed the cloth back on the carpet and applied pressure and was able to get the rest of the coke out of the carpet! I even felt it after and it was pretty much dry, like it never happened....The thing is so absorbant that you can put it in a pie dish of water and it will just soak it all up. Then you can lift it up and no water drips from it. Niiiicccee.. I really wanted to take it from her and use it to dry my truck off, if I ever washed it...I should go do that.

So after a few other demos and talking (a lot) she gets to the end about the freebies. At this point I had heard Deacon crying (good thing my mama and sister were with me, hehe) and I was getting a bit anxious. Turns out the whole deal was that if you bought a 2 pack of the cloths that sell for $21.99 she was going to throw in another pack for free, AND a mop. So those were the freebies I waited for, I actually had to buy something to get my
'other' freebies... psh! I do remember seeing the mops on tv before and I always thought they looked pretty cool, (again, what a nerd.)

So I waited all of that time (5+ minutes, hehe) for that? It was a good deal and if I had the extra $22 bucks I may have just went ahead and got it. I was amazed that almost everyone in the little group I was in purchased it!? I was suprised, I thought everyone would just walk away like me. I guess the girl was good at her job. I peaced out and went to tend to my baby and told my mom about it as we watched everyone walk away with there magic towels and mops.

I have to admit that I kind of want one now.

Click here if you are bored and want to see pretty much the same demo that I saw today.

**I am not trying to sell this product or anything, i'm not working for the magicloth maker people. I just wanted to share my little experience of the day! - Has anyone tried these?**

I guess I will go use my mini magicloths to go dry something now....


Sarah Mae said...

You should get paid to sell them because you've sold me! I want them!

Rebecca Tresler said...

Your story made me laugh, I pictured you up there all excited with the group :)

I am not watching the demo though because I dont want to want one! ah!