Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gymboree Score!


I received my American Baby magazine the other day and was SO excited to receive a 50% off Gymboree "Peel-A-Prize" coupon inside! It was my lucky day because that NEVER happens to me! I always end up with the lowest % off coupon with deals like this, hehe! So I had to go use it today! Baby D will be workin' it for his 1st birthday tomorrow! When I went to check out the lady that rang me up was like "Oh my gosh!? You have a 50% coupon, this is gonna be a great deal!" Then a little after that a few ladies were in line behind me and I had the coupon in my hand and I guess they were able to see it because 2 of them were like "NO FAIR!!! You got the 50% off??"

I was able to get (2) 1 pieces, 4 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for $51.25! The regular price for everything would have been $161.00! (whoa!) AND I received $25 in Gymbucks to use in July! This worked out great because earlier today I found a $50 check that I forgot we had, so it will almost be like it never happened! I am getting addicted to Gymboree clothes. I never really got excited about that store in the past because I thought all of their stuff was over priced (which it is) but if you always buy the clothes on sale or marked down and pair it with a coupon or Gymbucks then you really get a good deal! Today I paid about the same (probably less actually) that I would pay at Target (or a similar store) but I got better quality clothes that all match! I love that they have certain lines of clothing out so you can mix and match everything and get a few different outfits out of it!


The Porter Family said...

Hi there :) I found your blog through Shannon's, then went to Rebecca's, then I found yours...just a little surfing :) But I was wondering if you have done the Dave Ramsey class..I found his site on your blog, and wondered if you do the coupon deal since you took the class? :)


Melissa Tresler said...

Hi Krystle!

I haven't taken a full Dave Ramsey course, but have taken a few classes in the past. I also used to listen to him on XM and I watch him on Fox. He is a genius, and I just love him!

I can't say that I use coupons because of him, because I have always enjoyed using them. Using coupons sure does help with the budget system that Dave talks about!

Anonymous said...

Man! I only got 30%!!!! You are lucky! MAN ONLY 50 BUCKS! great deal.

Suzanne :)