Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Praying for green thumbs.


For the past few months Malachi and I have been slowly starting random vegetables and herbs in containers in hopes of soon having our very own garden. On Memorial day we decided to get the rest going and do a square foot garden. So far we have a few different herbs, tomatoes, and peppers, squash, and watermelon. We filled in 14 spaces. We still have quite a few spaces left so we thought we would go ahead and try to plant some seeds even though its a bit late. I also got a little strawberry plant to add to my container garden! Earlier this year we also planted an orange tree , lemon tree and a few weeks ago planted a lime tree! I am so excited that for little out of pocket I can plant, nurture, photograph (hehe), smell, look at, pick and taste fruits and veggies that were born in my very own backyard.

We took this picture before we added the watermelon plant.

Here is D getting into the strawberry plant.

A few days ago we harvested our very first cherry tomato. We decided to cut the tiny thing in half so we could both try it, haha!

I just want to throw this out there too...if you haven't joined The Home Depot Garden Club, then you need to. Not only do you get e-mails with great advice and stuff but you get some really awesome coupons both in emails and in the mail!! We used some great coupons for our garden, and even got a free book that is full of awesome information for gardening! Also make sure you join Lowe's Learn 2 Grow as well! You get some sweet info and coupons from them as well!

A few days ago we used this coupon from Home Depot to score 2 Mandevilla's for about $21!

Our yard is a work in progress, but it sure is coming along nice!

I am praying for green thumbs.

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Rebecca said...

Aw yay for gardening! I have strawberries too! Maybe we can do a big salad and fruit salad party at the end of the summer! We replanted the garden this week so hopefully it will grow better.