Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have had a busy couple of days at Walgreens, but I have to say that I have had a pretty good time. I still don't even think I am finished yet! This has been my first time using coupons with Walgreens and I am pretty glad that I jumped in this week!

So let's see... (please be patient with me, I am still pretty new to blogging and also new with how to post all of this info, if you have any questions about what I do, please let me know.


Trans #1:

(2) C/G Blush @ $5.99 ea.
(6) C/G Eye Shadow @ $3.49 ea.
Cover Girl products are Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 off this week so:
-3.00 (50%)
-1.75 (50%)
-1.75 (50%)
-1.75 (50%)
Then I used the following coupons:
(3) -2.50 off 2 C/G products =(-7.50)
(2) -FREE Blush when you purchase 3 C/G products = (-11.98)

Subtotal: $5.19
+ 1.99 tax
= $7.18 OOP (out of pocket)
*I received $20.00 in RR "Register Rewards"(prints out as (2) $10 Rewards)

This picture = the next 3 transactions.


Trans #2:

Venus Razor 9.99
Zantac 3.99
(2) Walgreens Bags @ .99 ea. (my filler items)
-4.00 Venus coupon
-1.00 Zantac coupon
-10.00 RR

Subtotal: $.96
+$1.28 tax
*I received a $6.00 RR for purchasing a Venus Razor and a $3.00 RR for the Zantac.

Trans. #3

C/G Blush 5.99
(3) C/G Nail Polish @ 3.99 ea.
(2) C/G Eyeliner @ 2.99 ea.
C/G Sharpener 2.99

-2.00 (50% off)
-2.00 (50% off)
-1.50 (50 % off)

-2.50 off 2 C/G
(4) -1.00 C/G
-FREE C/G Blush when you purchase 3 = -5.99
-*6.00 RR (for purchasing a Venus Razor)

Subtotal: $2.94
+1.73 tax
=4.67 (OOP)

*Received $20.00 in RR

Trans. #4:

Venus Razor 9.99
Zantac 3.99
Peanut Butter M&M's .79

-4.00 Venus coupon
-10.00 RR coupon

Subtotal: $.77
+ 1.13 tax
= $1.90 OOP

*Received $6 RR for Venus & $3 RR for Zantac

Here is what I did today:


C/G Tru Blend 8.99
C/G Powder 7.99
C/G Lip Slicks 3.99
(6) Crest toothpaste @ 2.50 ea.
Walgreens Bandaids on clearance for 1.00

-4.00 (50% C/G)
-9.00 (Walgreens coupon $3 off 2 Crest)
(2) - .50 Crest
(4) - 1.00 Crest
-1.00 C/G
-7.99 (FREE) C/G Powder when you buy foundation
-6.00 RR coupon

Subtotal: $3.98
+2.21 tax
= $6.19 OOP

*Received $20 RR (2/ -$10.00 coupons)



Venus Razor 9.99
Zantac 3.99
(3) Walgreens Chap-Aid on Clearance for .40ea.

-4.00 Venus coupon
-1.00 Zantac coupon
-10.00 RR coupon


Subtotal: $.18
+1.02 tax
=$1.20 OOP

*Received $6 RR for Venus & $3 RR for Zantac

I now have $45.00 in RR! I plan on rolling a few of them tomorrow and then either saving the rest for next week or use them up to buy Diapers!


This evening hubby came home with a few freebies! He was using up a Best Buy Rewards certificate as it was going to expire today! Baby D and I were pretty happy with what we received:


For some great deals and even a few freebie items visit The "Cent" Sible Sawyer, her blog is awesome!

I still need to post some CVS scenarios but I am still not for sure what I am going to do. I haven't really had any extra time to think of what I plan on doing since I have been so busy with Walgreens this week, hehe.


Denise Sawyer said...

You did an AWESOME job!!
Thanks for the linkage!
Be sure to leave a link on my post tonight for CVS Superstars!
I am going to do it a little different tonight since so many people did so well at Walgreens! You'll be able to post for either!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

April said...

Great buys! Since I already have toothpaste coming out of my eyeballs, I by passed the major RR maker this week. I did go nuts with the Venus Razors and then rolling them over for t.p. and paper towels.

Julie004 said...

That is really some good deals. Can you still get the 20.00 in RR rewards if you buy the make up today 5/10? I didn't see it in the sale paper that it would give you 20.00 in RR rewards. I am new at this I just wanted to make sure. Please email me at thanks

Marin said...

I found you from Centsible Sawyer. I LOVE your blog header. Enjoy Jonah!

UnlikelySecretary said...

Wow! Great job!! I just started walgreens and I'm bummed I missed out on the Cover Girl! I did the the P&G twice though.

Keep it up girl!! :)

(found you on Jane4girls I think?)