Sunday, July 6, 2008

Penny items at Staples!


If you can make it to Staples between today and Wednesday the 9th you can get some items for just a penny! Today I made the trip up the street and was able to get all of the above for $1.14 +tax.

*(2) Purell hand sanitizers = $.01 each (limit 2)
*(2) 8 packs of pencils = $.01 each (limit 2)
*(10) Folders = $.01 each (limit 10)
*(4) 1" Poly Binders = $.25 each (limit 4)

**The limits are per customer so I could have scored some more stuff if Malachi would have been with me. I think what I got will do though! :) I read somewhere that people are bringing their whole family in with them and using each person (even a 3 year old, hehe) to get their 'customer limit' - so if you really need to stock up then bring the whole fam down, hehe.

It was nice to get in on a deal like this because it seems like I am always searching for a folder/binder for random things and now we will have some on hand. You can always use pencils, and at a penny each I couldn't pass up the hand sanitizer!**


Rebecca Tresler said...

This is dangerous! There is a staples right down the street from the hotel. (and a cvs and cvs headqaurters is literally across the street!)

You scored some cool deals/stuff!

The Porter Family said...

So, where do you find these GREAT coupons?! Are you just a diligent coupon cutter, or is there a cool website I can visit?! I would love to save money this way, but have never really seen anyone who does it well until now. You have inspired me!