Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Need a photo book?

Head on down to CVS starting next week *7/13 - 7/19* when they are FREE After ECB's!


  • 4 X 6 10 Page hardcover photo books ($3.99), Free after extra bucks, LIMIT 1
  • 6 x 8 10 Page hardcover photo books ($7.99), Free after extra bucks, LIMIT 2
::The 6x8 books will be better than free if you have the kodak coupon for $3 off an instant photobook. These are what I plan to get. **(The Kodak Photo Book coupons were found in the 5/04 and 6/08 SS Insert)**

::Also make sure to check the photo center for any other coupons they may have. I know there are some '$3 off 6x8 photo book CVS store coupons' out there so I will be looking for those as well.

Just bring in your pics on any media CD-R, USB Stick, SD Card or any other memory card with the pictures you want and insert it into the Kodak picture machine in the photo center. Then select the background you want for the pages, select your pictures, and then it auto arranges them on the pages for you. You can then go back and make pictures bigger or smaller, or rearrange them if you want. From what I have read it is pretty easy to do and only takes a few minutes to complete.

It will be nice to get some pictures printed out. I have SO MANY and they are all on the computer or on CD's! I am due for some photo books!


Rebecca Tresler said...

Reallllllly wishing i didnt leave the binder at home now!

Melissa Tresler said...